23 years creating fashion

On October 9th,1991 Mariano García Forcada opened his first PROTOCOLO store in Zaragoza (Spain) following a long family textile tradition dating from 1908. The shop dedicated to menswear ceremony and party, was conceived “because there was no establishment dedicated exclusively for the grooms,” says its founder. In 2014 PROTOCOLO celebrated its 23rd anniversary.

During those 23 years the brand has created fashion for wedding and special events for grooms, godfathers, guests and children. The first collection was based on black and blue suits and spots and fantasy accesorizes.

“We could say that grooms in the nineties were dressed up, compared with today’s fashion” says García Forcada. The new collection 2015, called ‘Latitudes’, covers a wide range of colours. PROTOCOLO presents treds in grey and blue tones in this new collection, without forgetting the black as the color of the ceremony par excellence.

In 2015, the suits are slim fit, shaping the body of the man. Following the latest trends, the jacket fits the waist and its length is shortened as are the lenght of the trousers, which are narrower and shorter. That is a totally opposite style if you compare with the style of the beginning of the 90s!!