A century history of a family business

In 1908 that the history of a family business began in Aragon and this year celebrates one hundred years existing in the textie sector.

The entrepreneur Mariano Garcia Perales was born in the small village of Tierga, in Zaragoza ( Spain). He emigrated to the city of Zaragoza where he began to work with his uncle in his business of underwear and knitwear “La Octava Maravilla”, which he inherited. The key to their success was and continues to be the specialization, the vision on business evolution and dedicated daily work.
Mariano also wanted to leave his remembers in the appearance of the city, so in 1914 he commissioned to Regino Borobios D.Ojeda arquitect to design and construct a building where D. Mariano opened its first store specialize in men’s clothing “Mariano Garcia “. The building was catalogued by the Government of Aragon as the Protected Heritage with the purest Aragonese style. “Mariano Garcia” shop quickly grew to become the largest knitwear point of sale of Zaragoza. D. Mariano brought special and new textile articles like silk stockings, nylon, cotton shirts, special sizes, and so on. Mariano Garcia Tafalla, his son, after finishing the studies of Commerce, began to take over the accounting of the company. The commercial strategy was to expand the range of products while maintaining specialization in knitwear. With innovative products like jeans or jackets, coats, and so on … . Following the family tradition, D. Mariano Garcia Forcada, son of D. Mariano Garcia Tafalla, started working in the commercial area of ​​the company in 1962 after finishing University Law Degree. Mr. Mariano Garcia Forcada undertook the transformation of the family business into a chain of stores “Mariano Garcia” while maintaining the same specialization in masculine clothing. Later, D. Mariano Garcia Forcada diversified company opening the store, “Tenorio” in 1981 in Cadiz Street No 10. dedicated to market men’s fashion of the leading brands of the moment (Adolfo Dominguez, Gene Cabaleiro, Rugantino, Tricton, Passaport Haig, or Jose Tomas, Reval, etc …). Mariano creates “Partycular” in 1989, establishing specialized in young fashion well known domestic and foreign brands of jeans and sportswear. Store success was immediate, driven in part by its spectacular windows displays admired for their design, creativity and innovation.
At the end of las century, Mr. Mariano Garcia Forcada has redirected the family textile tradition to the world of men’s fashion ceremony. Thus, in 1991 he created the company Chaqué S.A. and his trademark “Protocolo”. Chaqué S.A. business strategy integrates all business operations from product design to the sale to the final customer. Chaqué S.A. is specialized in design, manufacture and sell its own collection “total look” (suits, morning coats, vests, ties, shoes, cufflinks, shirts …).
PROTOCOLO opens in 1991 the first store in Spain dedicated exclusively to sell ceremony and party clothes for men in Zaragoza. The family business continues with the specialization in the textile sector. PROTOCOLO defines its strategy of growth through its own stores, opening the second store in 1994 in Madrid. Several openings followed: In Barcelona in 2001, in Valencia in 2005, in Murcia in 2006. The last major breakthrough was the 2008 opening of a shop of five floors in a refurbished historic building in the old town in Sevilla.
In parallel, PROTOCOLO designed the concept of “partner stores” developing franchising as another way of growth. Partner stores were opened in Bilbao, Vigo, Almeria and Jaen, all of them in Spain.
For Protocolo it has always been essential the the quality of the fabrics, the exquisite tailoring, have an extensive collection renewed yearly and the customized service provided at each point of sale. PROTOCOLO always offers a very personalized service, because for PROTOCOLO each groom is unique and different.
Following the family tradition, in 2005 the fourth generation entered the company in the person of Ruth Garcia Broto, daughter of D. Mariano Garcia Forcada with a solid academic and business background in economy, marketing and consumer goods.
In its future business strategy Protocolo wants to continue expansion in Spain, both in own stores and partner stores, and also start expansion abroad. This family that celebrated the centenary of its business in 2008, hopes to celebrate another hundred years thanks to the textile vocation of the following generations.