Short Story Literary Contest sponsored by PROTOCOLO

Due to the celebration of the century of the textile company PROTOCOLO has held the first I ProtocoloNovios Short Story Contest.

The jury chose the 4th of June the winning story: “The wedding suit haunted” by José Luis Najenson. The winner was born in Argentina in 1938 and now he lives in Israel since 1983. He has an extensive literary curriculum and many national and international literary prizes. Writer and poet. Doctorate: Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), University of Cambridge, England, 1980. MA (Master of Arts) Master of Political Science, Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO, Santiago de Chile, 1974. Professor of History and Anthropology, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina, 1964. Foreign Corresponding Member of the American Academy of (New York, USA, 2000) the Spanish Language. D.Litt. (Honoral Doctoral Degree in Literature), World Academy of Arts & Culture, San Francisco, CA USA, 1987. The awards ceremony took place in the Provincial Museum of Zaragoza ( Spain). It was attended by prestigious jury members from the world of fashion and literature, which together with Protocolo Direction selected the winner. The winner says directly a few words to the audience. The winner dedicated a few words to explanation why and the origin of the topic. The jury was formed by
HANNIBAL LAGUNA. One of the most established Spanish fashion designers who has made elegance and glamor its identity. His collections of wedding dresses and evening dresses are common in major Spain fairs (Cibeles, Noviaespaña….). His collections made him one of the Spanish designers with greater international projection.
FERRER FRANCISCO LERÍN. Degree in Philology and Ornithologist. Author, storyteller, unredeemed poet, novelist, naturalist and writer. Among his books are Nickel (Mira 2005), The Bestiary (Ballantine Books / Galaxia Gutenberg, 2007), and three books of poetry: From the human condition (1964), Time oval (1971) and Consul (Barcelona, ​​1987 ). • Today he is living in Jaca (Huesca ,Spain), dedicated to write, while he still watching and analyzing birds and all the Pyrenees.
CESAR SUAREZ Editor of culture and fashion for magazine TELVA. BA in Journalism and Doctor in History of Communication. Always dedicated to the world of the press.
JAVIER OZON has published articles and reviews in cultural magazines like Side, Letras Libres, Letter International and the cultural supplement of La Vanguardia ( Cataluña). Telecommunications Engineering and a PhD in mathematics from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. Professor, Department of Telematic Engineering. Since 2002 is a regular contributor as McGuffin Audiovisual.
MARIANO GARCIA FORCADA • General Manager of Protocolo. Third generation of the family textile business. Responsible of the design of PROTOCOLO collections, specialized in ceremony and party dresses for men. Now Protocolo is presented in twenty two cities in Spain and this year begins its internationalization in Mexico.